WHAT THEY love about shopping in-store

During the survey Outdoor Enthusiasts were asked what they “loved” about shopping in stores. Their responses are below.

Ability to try things on, see the real color, texture, function of the item I’m interested in buying. Also, firsthand knowledge from employees that can give an honest opinion/review of the product. I can walk out same day with the product I want to buy.

Being able to actually try the items on for fit and comfort.

I can try it on.

Trying on the product, physically seeing, feeling, testing the product, and typically someone to help right away.

Feeling and testing product.

You can physically see the product and see how it feels or fits. I hate ordering a product online and being so sure that it would fit perfectly, but then I get it and it is too small.

Being able to handle/try on merchandise.

I can see the gear and try them on in person.

See products in person.

To be able to see and touch and try items on and get them right away.

Hands on experience.

When I need to pick something up on my way home it’s kind of nice.

Ability to see feel product and features.

Depends on the store, but, if it’s a store I like, I love that there are people to look at and talk to.  I like supporting local business.

Can touch the product and test first hand. Easier than having to do returns.

I can put me hands on an item before purchase.

Being able to try product on and also see the color/style in person.

Ability to try on.

Browsing and inspecting gear.

The fact that you can speak to the retailer. And you can look at details closely, the variety they have and just enjoy the day shopping.

Seeing, feeling, talking to people.

Being able to physically see and touch the products I want to buy.

Being able to feel and see the product.

Seeing goods and testing them out.

The fact that I am able to make sure that the product that I am getting is exactly what I want. Also I love that fact that I can go and brows items that I may have not ever seen before and try them out. The last thing I like being able to talk to professionals that often have great in site on the products I am looking at.

Local knowledge.  As an Alaskan, my needs with regards to outdoors gear are sometimes different than those of outdoors enthusiasts elsewhere.

Touching and trying on items.

Hands on feel of products, try them on, get a feel for the quality.

Being able to feel the fabric of an item & try it on.

In person I can tellthe quality much better than on-line, but it is very time consuming to visit brick& mortar stores.

Trying on the product.

The ability to touch and feel the products as well as browse. Often I am overwhelmed on websites when it comes to browsing, by the time I resort to online shopping I need to have narrowed my choice or item so I can search merely by that product. While shopping in stores I also look for deals and in enjoy how products are merchandised/displayed.

Being able to physical see and try the product.

Seeing, holding and most importantly - trying on the items like shoes and shorts.

I’m a visual and tactile shopper.

Being able to try on/test products to decide if they’re going to truly suit my needs before purchasing.

I love being able actually touch the product and be able to examine the quality and craftsmanship of the product.

Ability to handle the product to evaluate prior to purchasing.

I love being able to touch and feel fabrics before i purchase. Also being able to try on shoes and shirts is important to me.

The ability to see/feel the product and try it on right away.

The opportunity to gets hands on the product and discuss the product and my needs with the staff.

If I have the time I sometimes will find something I wasn’t shopping for. I like coming across deals that are not advertised.

I might find something that suits my needs better that what I initially intended to buy. You can tell quality and fit much better in person.

Trying on item.

Ability to see and feel the product, try it on if it’s clothing or footwear.

Interacting with actual people. Not sitting in front of a computer.

Finding a product I had not seen before and being surprised by the quality of that product.

Basically for the fact that you get to actually see what your buying and you dont have too wait days to receive it.

Instant gratification.

I like to look at styles and try things on. With online purchases it is often hard to match the right size.

I prefer to feel and touch items of clothing that way I know it fits but at times if I am familiar with a certain clothing or maker of clothing then I will continually buy it online.

Actually trying it on for fit.

Actually trying clothes and shoes on to ensure they fit before leaving the store.

Supporting a locally owned running store. Having quality expert help with picking my running shoes, inserts, socks and gear. The salespeople make a huge difference in the quality of my running program and how my body feels.

Being able to try stuff on.

The variety of brands and items in one place.

Being able to see, feel, and try on.

Ability to physically touch merchandise and test them.

The in hand merchandise and no wait time for shipping.

Being able to try the item on or touch and feel the gear to see what it is all about.

Actually able to see and touch items to determine quality before purchase.

The hunt for a good deal.

I love being able to try out and test products right there on the spot.  I need to touch, feel and experience what the product actually feels like.  I’m very particular about buying something without trying it on first.  This is only accentuated if that product is more expensive.  Shoes, shorts, shirts and jackets must fit perfectly and they only way to know that is by going to the store.  Store shopping is great for testing out new products, especially if I need something right away.

Being able to put my hands on the item in question, examine it for quality, size.

Being able to handle the items and/or try on clothing to verify sizing.

You can see the item and try it on. I also like to just browse.

Being able to see the products before purchasing...pictures are often misleading.

Seeing and trying on the item.

Being able to touch the product for inspection and fit.

Trying on items for fit; asking advice of salespeople.

I love being able to try things on/out. It helps me find exactly what I want and what will work best for me.

I like being able to see, touch and even try on the product (if applicable) before purchasing. Online photos can be deceiving or show limited detail. I like to feel the material, and weight, check the sizing, etc.

You can try fashions and see how they look in person rather than online.

Getting an in person experience with the product. Try it on, see how the product feels in my hands and on.

Being able to truly see and feel materials/treads/fits and compare them visually and in a tactile way to other items I’m considering.

I can have my questions answered and try things on before purchase.

Ability to hold/try on products, ask questions, and being able to take the item home right then.

Face to face interaction with store personal, the ability to try on products before you buy.

Able to try items on, or see things to confirm colors.

Opportunity to try on stuff.

I can try things on and make sure they fit properly.

Trying items on for fit.

Helpful assistance, testing products and seeing a lot of options.

Being able to touch the item. Being able to ask someone to know I’m making the right choice for my needs and offering “pro tips.”  Get it that day!

I love that I can feel the fabrics and try on the clothes to see if they fit me and my need.

Trying on the clothes to get the right fit. Also, Not worrying about getting deliveries since I do not have a doorman.

The way everything is layed out.

See the quality and sizing.

Human interaction and returns.

Seeing the product in person trying it on, easy returns.

Being able to try things on and actually feel and see the product. Website depictions aren’t always the most accurate.

Try on makes for less likely returns.

Touching the product and asking questions to associates who are knowledgeable.

It’s fun to see what’s there and find deals.

Trying items on, immediate availability.

The tactile sense I get from handling the product. I get to try it on, so I know if I take it home that it will work for me.

Hands on to try on to see if it fits and to see how durable the product is.

I am a sensory person, so I love feeling the product. I can usually judge instantly on the quality of the materials used and how it would wear throughout the years.

Being able to ask questions and compare items side by side.

Physically seeing and touching the product in person, making sure the product fits and is the quality I want prior to purchasing.

Product assortment, abllity to see a lot of product at my pace. Touch and feel.

Finding items I didn’t know I needed :)

Finding the best item out of all available.

There is only one reason why I Love shopping in stores- I get to try things on to know if they fit comfortably or not.

Trying on the new styles, since I’m petite. Once I know my sizes and brands/style for sure, I like to buy online.

Checking out all the new gear and being able to try on gear.

Hands on with products. Cannot feel or judge quality online. Walking through stores with wide selection makes it fun because there may be something I didn’t know would make my life easier in the field as opposed to online searches.

Not paying for shipping.

Don’t worry about returning because didn’t fit.

Finding the right size for footwear and apparel, checking for quality, get a hands-on feel for the product, easier returns if neccessary.

I like being able to discover things, to feel fabrics, fits and designs. I like being exposed to a larger gestalt of ideas, which makes me visualize my overall activity level, and how I’m going to efficiently use this gear for each activity. From trail running to road and mountain biking, to hiking and camping to supping and boating, being in a store that encompasses my bond to the outdoors is a comforting feeling.

I love to see the items in person to try on.

When I’m in the store I get to see the item in person, try it on and browse the displays for new ideas.

When it’s a good store that knows what they’re doing, to them it’s all about hospitality. Which makes the store feel like a friendly environment.

Being able to get the correct fit.

I like being able to see and feel the product up front. I know if it works, if it fits, if I like the appearance, and if it will work for what I need it for.

Fitting before buying.

Get product immediately. Able to touch feel and try before buying.

Being able to touch the product, try something on, see how it works with other gear.  Salespersons expertise about a product I’m unfamiliar with.

What I love about shopping in stores is being able to browse the products.

I like being able to try on gear and see how it feels before purchasing. It is easier to compare options when you physically hold them in your hands. It’s also helpful to be able to speak to the experts in the store about the products.

I like being able to try clothes on before I buy them. It’s so hit or miss with the fit when ordering online.

For specific items I prefer the store. This allows me to feel and try on the products. It also is great, if the staff is knowledgeable, to learn about new products and get feedback if I am trying to decide between two products. Although online can be cheaper most stores have great return policies if you end up trying something out and it doesn’t work as expected.

Talking with knowledgeable people and holding the items.

Seeing the actual item before you purchase it and being able to receive it immediately.

I enjoy touching the product and looking at it “in real life” to see if what I saw online is actually what I want. I also like shopping in stores because if I want to buy the product I get the instant gratification of having the product right then and there and not waiting for it to be shipped to me.

I love shopping in store to get out of the house and i can try on the clothes or items.

I like the ability to try on footwear and apparel.

You can actually see how things look like and real life and try them on. You don’t get that when shopping online.

New product and promotions.

Seeing the product, but seeing other products that I might like or want but wouldn't otherwise see.

Hands on for lots of products.

I like the ability to touch, feel and smell the product for myself.

You visually and physically see product and can try it on.

The shopping experience.

There is something about feeling the actual product that you are buying. You can also try on apparel to get the right fit and there are less returns when shopping in-store.

Being able to touch the products and feel the weight of the materials used. Seeing the real deal and being able to try things on is so much more satisfying.

Interacting with the product before purchase.

Browsing, can try things on, sometimes sharing knowledge or learning from employees.

I like being able to actually touch the product and I also like how quickly I can have it in hand.

Being able to check out items, touch them, try them on, see how products really look and fit. Everything that I can’t do shopping online.

Being able to try it on to make sure it fits, and to talk to experts about it.  It’s also fun to check ou new gear and technology by actually putting my hands on it.

Touching the product. seeing it. making sure the fit works.

Being able to try things on to see how they “fit”.

I can look at the product and evaluate it better to see if it will fit my needs better.

You can try on the product.  It’s a lot different in person than looking at a picture. I need to see the product first.

Do not love shopping in stores as much as I used to. But I do love when the stores have knowledgeable associates and someone who really wants to help the customer.

I see the products in person and get to decide if i wanna buy it or not.

Something to do to pass the time and if I urgently need something.

Window shopping.

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