why they buy what they buy?

Consumer Quotes
What Makes A Retailer Great
Consumer Quotes
What They Love About Shopping In-Store
Cracking the code of why some consumers prefer to shop online and others prefer to shop in-store is a top priority for retailers. As the results of our latest outdoor consumer survey reveal, several factors play a part. These range from the personal preference of seeing, touching and feeling product in-store to reasons on the flipside, which include a preference by some to shop in solitude online, away from crowds and armed with the internet’s endless product options and  low prices. (See page 48 for verbatim replies from consumers on these topics). Outdoor consumers also were surveyed about their purchasing habits in footwear, apparel and equipment—why they buy what they buy, what end-use they intend for their products, and why they choose to shop at specialty stores. Eighty-percent of respondents say they shop at outdoor specialty stores. Seventy-eight percent say  if they can’t find a specific product in-store they get it online instead. Fifty-seven percent would be more likely to shop a store with a “buy online, pick up in-store” option. The survey included 221 outdoor enthusiasts, male and female, average age 39.
I shop primarily for outdoor apparel and footwear at:
I shop for my apparel in one store, and footwear or gear in another.
How Often I shop In-Store vs. Online
If you purchase online, is the site affiliated with your favorite brick and mortar store?
If you shop in store and don’t find what you are looking for do you?
If a store offers the option to “buy online and pick up in store” would this make you more likely to purchase from that store?

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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33